shirts not entirely for old folks and

a few for you know who


“My son gave me a FORMER TEEN shirt for my 75th birthday and I couldn’t be happier. I’m no longer invisible when out and about the neighbourhood. Even the kids notice me now. Am getting lots of smiles from all ages. Love smiles. Love my new shirt. Actually feel younger wearing it. Sincerely yours, Former Teen, Edna Moorehouse, Toronto.”

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Don’t be taken in by all this recent Twitter nonsense about a Louisiana woman being stalked and killed by her cat while wearing my WHITE MICE t-shirt. Snopes has investigated and declared the story FALSE.  “Though suffering a latticework of 2nd-degree lacerations and a scattering of puncture wounds,” they report, “the woman is still very much alive.”

Jake Johnson, of Saska-toon, writes that what he especially likes about his new DIRT SHIRT is that it looks best dirty so doesn’t require much laundering.

For fun, I design shirts I’d wear if I weren't a plain-shirt guy—shirts like these. Clicking a shirt will take you to my Zazzle store, zazmataz, where you may view that shirt’s design on a variety of shirt styles and colours, re-size and re-position the design to taste and, when you’re happy, place an order.