I was left this anonymous message the other morning—

“You’re the worst person ever!”

I had mixed feelings. I was upset to have been found out but proud to have excelled in such a crowded field.



Then-and-later head shots of some friends and relatives arranged and identified in the order I met them. These were their names at the time —

Doug Anderson, Jamie Hepple, Joan Mcafee, Lois Mcafee, Ron Noble, Francis Richardson, Dorothy Smith, Grace Wilcox, Karen Bardeau, Ginny Gibbons (behind) & Ann Baldwin, Helen Campbell, Ted Yeates, Pamela Dickson, Marlene Warder, Shirley Warder, Guy Dickson, Michael Dickson, Jeanne Manners, Don Betts, Jean Neville, Keith Rosen, Danusia Beker, Rosie Flack, David Crighton, Martina Walsh, Laura Upton, Island Girl

go ahead—hang me in the barn

When I respond to 
“How are you?” with “Still getting what I deserve” some are happy for
me, others offer their condolences.

Planning a visit to St. John’s, NFLD,

and wondering where to stay? Stay here


Bound collections of Walt Kelly's Pogo strip were available for many years after Kelly died in 1973, and I had well-thumbed copies of most of them. I admired the artwork and loved the humour. In 1989, an attempt was made to revive the strip using other artists, including Kelly's own children, Carolyn and Peter. Not surprisingly, Pogo and company no longer seemed themselves. This was my reaction at the time—

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Birthdates aside, I think we’re pretty much the same age all our lives, not fundamentally different at 60 than we were at 20. That toddler sizing me up (and none too favourably) on the subway the other day? He was already 50. And the retired lady in the doughnut shop? I can see through her wrinkles. She’s 30, tops. Me? I’m probably mid-30s. This inclines me to viewing much younger women as peers and, if not careful, to acting like an old fool. (from Here by the Window)

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call him Sparky,

call him Prince,

call him Belvedere,

or call him Billy Bob

or Spike, call him

anything you like,

he answers to

‘Come here’

my dog

for those who prefer life in 3D