threesome (ip)   

Hannibal McNaught (ip)

new lamp (wo)    /    twice-blessed (w)

Jake’s place (wo)    /    the unraveling (w)  

the Robertsons (ip)

brothers (ip)

Old boys in a fanciful junkyard, some by circumstance, some by choice. The original 24-panel set, called ‘tom’s yard’, was created with coloured markers on photocopy paper. It was my intention to digitally rework 8 of these but, so far, have completed only 2, which are available here with (w) and without (wo) captions. To provide a fuller picture of the yard, I’m displaying the in-progress (ip) ones, as well, which is a misnomer, for there has been no progress for some time.

sandwiches (ip)

nothing (ip)

“We’re twice-blessed, Andy. We can accomplish whatever

we set our minds to and have no compulsion to prove it.”

“That’s the thing with nothing—

you can do it anywhere.”

“Know what I miss most about

board meetings? The sandwiches.”

“Arthur, she said, you’re away a lot—I like that in a man.”

"The Star of Bethlehem story began to unravel for me the night Bobby Clugston and I were lying on our backs in a neighbour's field trying to figure out which star was directly above Jimmy Hepple's house."