threesome (ip)   

Hannibal McNaught (ip)

new lamp (wo)    /    twice-blessed (w)

Jake’s place (wo)    /    spooky (w)    /    the unraveling (w)  

the Robertsons (ip)

brothers (ip)

Old boys in a fanciful junkyard, some by circumstance, some

by choice. The original 24-panel set, called ‘tom’s yard’, was created

with coloured markers on photocopy paper. It was my intention to

digitally rework 8 of these but, so far, have completed only two, which

are available here with(w) and without(wo) captions. I’m displaying

the in-progress(ip) ones, as well, which is a misnomer, for there has

been no progress for some time and none is foreseen. Should you

fancy one of these ‘as is’, I’ll be pleased to oblige.

sandwiches (ip)

nothing (ip)

“We’re twice-blessed, Andy. We can accomplish whatever

we set our minds to and have no compulsion to prove it.”

“That’s the thing with nothing—

you can do it anywhere.”

“Know what I miss most about

board meetings? The sandwiches.”

“Arthur, she said, you’re away a lot—I like that in a man.”

"The Star of Bethlehem story began to unravel for me the night Bobby

Clugston and I were lying on our backs in a neighbour's field trying to figure

out which star was directly above Jimmy Hepple's house."

“How’s this for spooky? I used to collect extension cords—don’t know

why, just did. Kept them all plugged together and rolled up in a big

ball out behind the house. The ball got to be nearly 8 feet across. People

thought I was nuts. Wound up losing my wife because of it, and my job.

Then the bank foreclosed on my house, and here I am living a quarter mile

from the nearest electrical outlet. Makes you think, doesn’t it.”