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Honest Ed’s & Kensington Market

After 65 years of saving us money with a smile, our beloved Honest Ed’s is up for sale, prompting this one last visit and a sunny stroll through nearby Kensington Market.  (July 21, 2013)

     Mirvish Village, looking south from Honest Ed’s
     remembering John Candy, Honest Ed’s
     checkout lines, Honest Ed’s
     athletic shorts $2.99, Honest Ed’s
     balloon clown, Honest Ed’s
     three floors, Honest Ed’s
     free hotdogs, Honest Ed’s
     bargain hunters, Honest Ed’s
     Bloor and Bathurst, Honest Ed’s
     shoppers near Honest Ed’s
     Augusta Avenue, looking south from College to Kensington Market
     street merchant, Kensington Market
     planter, Kensington Market
     hats, Kensington Market
     friends, Kensington Market
     Muskoka lounging, Kensington Market
     older section, Kensington Market
     yet another pretty girl, Kensington Market
     Blue Jays fan, Kensington Market
     passerby, Honest Ed’s